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"Each person is truly unique yet identical. It is our jobs as Rolfers to help clients change their movement patterns while addressing their unique tissue and joint restrictions."

John Driscoll
Certified Rolfer®

Rolfing® is a client driven process centered on the ability to enhance or change awareness from the inside, simply trying to improve the use of your body on a daily basis.

John has worked with Dr. Riggs for the past three years and supports her Chiropractic work, which continues his exposure to a wide array off health professionals researching the human body and its patterns. Her approach to patient care is holistic and effective. Working with patients age 12 to 90 and experiencing their process is a privileged work environment.

Prior to moving back to Anchorage, John was the Director of Movement Education for the San Diego Tennis Academy for three years. Working with aspiring professional tennis players was challenging, but being exposed to trainers, therapists and coaches from various sports at the professional level in the San Diego area was a tremendous learning experience for John.

From the beginning of his Rolfing training in 2000, he began to realize the importance of the catch all phrase "structural integration". Trying to help clients achieve that is proving to be very challenging and rewarding for John.

"Cada paciente es único, es nuestro trabajo ayudarlos a encontrar el equilibrio y re direccionar los tejidos y articulaciones de sus cuerpos”"

John Driscoll
Certificado en Rolfing®

Rolfing® es un tratamiento enfocado en el paciente especializado en el uso diario del cuerpo. John ha trabajado con la Dr. Riggs desde hace tres años y comparte los mismos principios y objetivos en cuanto al Cuidado Quiropráctico se refiere. Antes de venir a Alaska, John trabajaba en la Academia de Tenis en San Diego, lo que le dio un amplio espectro en lesiones y terapias, ya que trabajo con entrenadores y tenistas reconocidos a nivel mundial.