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"It is frustrating when pain restricts you. It is my goal to help you discover your body's full potential and get you back into your life!"

Eric Kunc
Certified Rolfer®
BA Kinesiology

I have been a Certified Rolfer for more than ten years and a member of Team Back in Motion since 2007. Since Eric's basic training at the Rolf Institute he has spent part of every year deepening his skill set and now practice a wide range of techniques to ensure effective, comprehensive bodywork. The Rolf Institute teaches a brilliant method of re-educating and re-aligning the body through fascial manipulation and movement education. Eric has added to the basic training a wide range of skills including: Neural (nerve) Mobilization, Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral Release and Visceral Manipulation. The cornerstone of Rolfing is manipulating the body's fascia so that the body becomes more aligned with gravity but HOW to manipulate the fascia effectively, WHERE to start, and recognizing WHEN to shift gears to a more appropriate technique are critically important to enable integrative, lasting and profound change. Eric continues to make this idea his goal so that Back In Motion can discover what is the best and most effective way to bring you closer to optimal health.

The practical applications of his work includes addressing issues resulting from sports injuries, illness, accidents, trauma and surgery. Athletes seeking fine-tuning for better, faster performance also come to Back In Motion for increased flexibility and to help keep their bodies safe from injury. Eric thoroughly enjoys being active. He skis, snowboards, plays soccer, surfs and consequently, has experienced his share of injuries and rehab. He knows how frustrating it is when pain restricts you; His goal is to get you back into your life.

"Es frustrante cuando el cuerpo esta frágil. Mi objetivo es poder encontrar el mayor potencial del cuerpo para volver a una vida normal"

Eric Kunc
Certificado en Rolfing®
BA Kinestesia

Eric ha practicado esta técnica por más de diez años y forma parte del equipo desde 2007. Los tratamientos que Eric practica van desde re direccionar los tejidos lesionados ocasionados por la práctica deportiva, accidentes o incluso cirugías. La mayoría de los pacientes son atletas que buscan poder darle a su cuerpo el potencial que necesita, aumentar su flexibilidad y para prevenir futuras lesiones.