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"I'd love to work with you to promote an hour of therapeutic balanced nurturing bodywork."

Cheree Burgan
Licensed Massage Therapist

Cheree graduated from Brenneke School of Massage, in Seattle, Washington in 1997. She has been a practicing, licensed and Nationally Certified therapist since that time. Cheree has worked with Dr. Riggs since September 2003 and supports her healing philosophies. Modalities Cheree has trained in include: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Accupressure, Neuromuscular Re-education, Pregnancy Massage and Thai Massage, just to name a few. During a massage session she may pull from any of the above not limiting to one technique. Cheree is currently pursuing a degree in Acupuncture to become a Licensed Acupuncturist.

"Mi mayor recompensa es poder ayudar al paciente en una hora de terapia enfocada en ofrecer alivio corporal"

Cheree Burgan
Certificado en Masaje Terapéutico

Cheree obtuvo su título en Masaje Terapéutico en la Escuela de Masaje Brenneke de Seattle, Washington en 1997. Ha trabajado con la Dra. Riggs desde el 2003 aplicando diversas terapias entre las que se encuentran: Liberación de tejido Miofascial, Terapia de Puntos Gatillo, Digitopresión, entre otras especialidades. Actualmente Cheree estudia para obtener una licencia en Acupuntura.